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A WLAN engineer has been asked to upgrade the software on a MSE 3365 Appliance. The engineer cannot access the system using the 300-360 dumps root password and the Grub password as the details had never been documented. How should the engineer perform the password recovery?
A. Use a console cable.
B. Contact Cisco TAC and arrange an RMA of the MSE.
C. Boot the MSE using the software installation DVD.
D. The Password can be reset using Prime Infrastructure.
Correct Answer: A

Cisco 7925G phones are experiencing intermittent connectivity issues. The wireless survey reveals that the facility has no current coverage holes. The radios on the 2.4GHz channel have all been statically set to power level 1. Which two reasons could explain why the phones are having issues on this wireless network? (Choose two.)
A. The phones are experiencing excessive co-channel interference.
B. The phones only operate on the 2.4 GHz band when the power level is above 25 mW.
C. The phones are not transmitting at the same power levels as the access points.
D. The phones are experiencing delays of less than 30 ms within their coverage cell.
E. The phones are receiving greater than -67 dBm RSSI on the 2.4 GHz band.
Correct Answer: AC
300-360 dumps
An engineer is performing a predictive wireless design for a Parts Distribution Center, which requires data and location services. Which three requirements are inputs to the design? (Choose three.)
A. access points with directional antennas
B. continuous -67 dBm coverage from one access point
C. overlapping -75 dBm coverage from three access points
D. overlapping -67 dBm coverage from two access points
E. access points in IPS mode
F. continuous -72 dBm coverage from one access point
G. access points in corners and along perimeters
Correct Answer: BCG

QUESTION 4  300-360 dumps
Which two steps are associated with the active portion of the audit when a post installation audit is performed with an auditing tool such as Ekahau? (Choose two.)
A. Check for co-channel interference by standing near an access point on one channel and watching for other access points that are on the same channel.
B. Verify smooth roaming.
C. Check to see if the signal level on other access points that are heard on the same channel is at least 19 dBm weaker than the access point that you are next to.
D. Check that all channels are supported by the APs, regardless of client capabilities.
E. Verify that the network traffic of physical data rate and packet loss meets user requirements.
Correct Answer: BE

An engineer is configuring an autonomous AP for RADIUS authentication. What three pieces of information must be known to configure the AP? (Choose three.)
A. BVI IP address
B. group name
C. RADIUS IP address
D. PAC encryption key
E. username and password
F. shared secret
Correct Answer: ACF

After a wireless deployment, users report that wireless voice clients are experiencing an unacceptable amount of delay while roaming during a call on the Cisco Unified 7925 Series phones. The customer environment consists of multiple controllers, all running code, operating in a centralized deployment. What configuration issue is most likely contributing to the problem?
A. The authentication should be set to WPA2-PSK to allow for 802.11n speeds for the Cisco Unified 7925 phones.
B. The access points on that floor are all on one controller and should be load balanced evenly across multiple controllers.
C. The access points for that floor are salt and peppered across multiple controllers and should be moved to the primary controller.
D. The wireless phones are operating in the 2 4 GHz band and should be configured for the 5 GHz band.
Correct Answer: B

A customer is implementing a massively scaled guest wireless network to support approximately 32,000 clients. For ease of administration, they have required implementing multiple interfaces defined on the WLC and mapped to a single interface group. Which configuration meets this need?
A. 264 interfaces of/25 sized networks
B. 132 interfaces of/24 sized networks
C. 66 interfaces of/23 sized networks
D. 33 interfaces of /22 sized networks
Correct Answer: D

An engineer wants to configure WebEx to adjust the precedence and override the QoS profile on the WLAN. Which configuration is needed to complete this task?
A. Change the AVC application WebEx-app-sharing to mark
B. Create an ACL for WebEx.
C. Change the WLAN reserved bandwidth for WebEx.
D. Create an AVC profile for WebEx marked with a lower DSCP value
Correct Answer: A

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